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Psychic Linda

Welcome to my web site!

On this home page, we'll introduce my business and highlight important areas on our site. Here is an example of a style we may use.


Running a business is never easy, we all have the power to change ourselves,
and  thus to change the course of our lives.
And we need to understand ourselves and others,and the envinment better,
before we can trans form our lives and empower ourselves to tramsform
the world around us.

                  My READINGS


I have been offering psychic readings to clients for over 20 years, since I was eight years old. I have been studying the arts of magic and psychic awareness from the earliest years of my memory, when my grandmother began teaching me the old ways of divination. It was at her kitchen table where I would sit and learn as a small child. By candle light, the cards would glide from her hands, each one telling of things to come, places to be seen, and people that I would meet. Golden light seemed to fill each word of wisdom as she peered into the past of her friends; family, and those select few who found her. She would often say that a good psychic can see into the past as well as into the present and future. I respect the gift she gave me, and carry it proudly. I am also a skilled medium, reaching beyond the veil of spirit to contact those who have passed over. People who have sessions with me are often touched by messages and memories of those who have passed on.



There are documented cases where my psychic evidence has helped. In all of my readings my spiritual contacts assist me in finding the best way of dealing with life’s challenges. A good pyschic reading can uncover hidden obstacles and warning signs, bringing to light new outlooks by which these situations can be worked through. Each of my readings is personal to the seeker, and speaks to the heart, shedding wisdom’s light on matters of mind, body and soul. Readings open the opportunity for new creative choices for those who seek them.


My readings are by appointment only. I recommend strongly that you record your reading. This will give you something to refer back to as the wisdom and facts becomes revealed in the months following. Reading can be provided in-person or over the phone,and email.


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